Roller shade sail
Roller shade sail sand
Roller system
Color of Australe 340
Rolled shade sail
Roller shade sail
Roller shade sail sand
Roller system
Color of Australe 340
Rolled shade sail

Australe 340 Roller

  • Shipping time : From 1 to 2 weeks
  • 340 g/m²
  • 5 yrs guar. fabrics
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Shipping time : From 1 to 2 weeks
340 g/m²
5 yrs guar. fabrics
Wind resistant

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Australe 340 Roller

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Shipping time : From 1 to 2 weeks

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Australe 340 roller shade sail

Searching for an efficient and flexible solution to shade a defined space of your yard or patio? Discover our Australe 340 roller shade sail that will allow you to deploy and retract your sun protection shade sail in a few minutes. It is dyed without harmful substances, resists dislocations, and filters 97% of UVs.

Openwork roller shade sail

The roller Australe 340 shade sail is a 100% polyethylene waterproof shade sail of 340g/m².

Its roller system, directly inspired from the nautical world, allows it to easily and quickly roll in and out the sail. This sail is perfect for patios most exposed to the wind.

Details of the components in the tab "Roller features". You will need to add the recommended tensioning systems at each angle (see the tab below to choose the fixing

  • 3 folded hems and grey reinforced threads for this AUSTRALE 340 shade sail.
Shade sail available in made-to-measure.

  • Conceived without eyelets to avoid tearing.

  • Reinforcement strap inserted in the lining of the shade sail forming a hanging strap in the corners with stainless steel hoops: the tractions are distributed in the entire surface and the shade sail benefits from a better resistance.

  • Technology from the making of boat sails.

  • Seams and straps guaranteed 2 years.
  • The sail is manufactured in 300 cm widths of fabric. Seams are visible between the widths. The positioning of the seams is random.

  • Delivered with a snap hook at each angle.

  • Black colored, 150mm diameter.

  • Roller with an “endless” rope (2m).

  • Roller mechanism guarantee: 2 years.

Contents of an Australe 340 with Roller:

  • - The Australe 340 sail.

  • - The manoeuvrer rope (two-meter-long).

  • - Roller mechanism (swivel, tooth pulley, endless rope, guide ring, elastic, stainless cleat and ball-alike sandows).

The fabric of the AUSTRALE 340 shade sail is made of high density polyethylene yarn.

UV filtration of 97%

  • 340g/m2 fabric weight

Shade sail available in made-to-measure

  • A high light resistance of colors with mass dye
  • A very good traction resistance
  • Excellent wind resistance (microperforated fabric)
  • A manufacture guaranteed free of toxic substances and presenting no health, skin, or environmental risks
  • Fabric guarantee: 5 years

How the Roller Shade Sail works

How to roll up and out your roller shade sail?

Roller function

Available Roller shade cloth shapes

Triangle shape shade sail


4 x 4 x 4 m (6m2)

5 x 5 x 5m (8,30m2)

6 x 6 x 6m (14,60m2)

6 x 7 x 7m (17,50m2)

Right-angled triangular shaped shade sail

Right Triangle

6,4 x 5 x 4m (8,35m2)

4 x 5 x 6,4 (8,35m2)

Rectangle shade sail


3,50x4,50m (13,15m2)

4,00x5,00m (17,20m2)

3,50 x 5,50m (18m2)

4,50x5,50m (20,70m2)

Diamond shaped roller shade sail


4 x 4 x 5 x 5m (18,60m2)

Positioning of the roll-up shafts
(View of the sail from above)

Shade sail seen from above

Do you need a shape that does not appear in this list? Create your own made-to-measure Roller Australe 340 sail via our online configurator.

You will need additional products to fix your roller shade sail.

How to install a roller shade sail

In order to better understand how our Roller Shade Sail works, you can view this video tutorial detailing step by step its installation process.

The attachment points have to be in the continuation of the shade sail diagonals (medians for triangles) :

Plan a margin of at least 45 cm between the anchor points and the sails to maximize the tension of your sail.

The sides of the shade sail are curved in order to ensure a good tension of the sail without creases.

The size of the shade sail can vary from +/-5% with the given size, because of the elasticity of the fabric, the fabrication process, and the tension brought to the sail.

Axis tension for shade sails

To install your sail in the best condition, we recommend you choose these tension systems:

- 1 short tension system in the « endless rope » side;

- 1 reinforced tension system in the opposite angle of the roller;

- Standard tension systems in the other angles (1 if triangle and 2 if quadrilateral).

These tension systems can suit any type of fixtures (walls or poles).

Shade sail system

Difference between the 6,40 x 5,00 x 4,00m and 4,00 x 5,00 x 6,40m ?

The sail has a side that is determined by the way you will install it and the sizes are given clockwise:

Differences between size of shade sail

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A roller shade sail comes in two formats: quadrilateral and triangle. When it is rectangular, the roller is in the diagonal of the sail. When it is triangular, it rolls up on its longest side. When rolled up, these sails have good wind resistance.

We recommend this wall mount only to fix the roller sail. In all other cases, we recommend tensioning systems with rope and pulleys that will allow you to attach/unattach your sails and to tension your sails without force.

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