Roller shade sail - Espace Ombrage

Roll out and put away your shade sail easily and quickly

A retractable shade sail offers an indisputable advantage to locations exposed to the vagaries of the wind. Depending on the conditions, you can easily roll up your shade sail to protect it.

Choose the fabric you want according to your expectations (Australe 220, Austral 340, Acryl 300 or Acryl 300 finishing old rigging). For dimensions, you can select standard size retractor sails , or prefer a custom sail to be in perfect harmony with your environment.

Manual Roller shade sails

Enjoy greater comfort in the use of your sail thanks to the winding system. The toothed pulley allows you to wind the sail at any time, and thus  protect your installation  in strong winds.

This system is ideal for those who want to have a sail while keeping the possibility of storing it very easily, indeed the furling sails unfold and retract very quickly,  in less than a minute  !

Manual Roller shade sails