Set of 4 threaded rods


These accessories are designed to complement your shade cloth so that you can screw your shade sail mast on your terrace. They are compatible with the straight pole plate or inclined pole one. Threaded rods are available for the screwable bases.

Set of 4 threaded rods

€13.00 Tax included
10,83 € tax excl.

Shipment time : 72h
Estimate 04/03/2021

Set of 4 threaded steel rods. Diameter Size: 12, Length: 150mm with stainless steel washer and nuts. Adapted for poles to be screwed (90 and 82 degrees).

Store your adjustable mast  in winter in this cover "heavy PVC " 600 gr / m² to extend its life.

A tip for use: make sure the mast is dust-free and dry when you insert it into the bag. This will allow you to find it in the same state when you install your shade sail afterwards.

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