How to make a shipping appointment with France Express ?



This transportation method is for voluminous orders (with adjustable pole) with a delivery address in France.




Make a shipping appointment


A few hours after we send your products you will receive an email similar to this one : 

Expédition voile d'ombrage


This email informs you that the nearest France Express agency is about to receive your merchandise and invites you to make a shipping appointment. Simply click on the link underlined in blue in order to enter the France Express platform (your login information will be recognized automatically, no need to enter it).





Expédition voile ombrage

 Below is the screen you will obtain after clicking on the link. This step informs you of the current state of the order and allows you to change the contact information. Check the option “Je programme mon rendez-vous de livraison à domicile” then click on “Valider.” .





rendez vous livraison

 You are now on the screen to choose the shipping time. On the left of the screen you can find the available hours, simply check the one that suits you. Before clicking on “Valider” insert (if needed) the complementary information on the right of your screen. Note: some of the information will be prefilled.





rendez vous voile d'ombrage

After clicking on “OK” at the confirmation message you will obtain the following summary screen. You will also receive a confirmation email reminding you of the chosen time slot as well as a text message similar to this one :



sms voile ombrage





Can I make this manipulation through my smartphone ?


It is possible to fix an appointment through a smartphone. A text message is sent in addition to the first email in order to make this manipulation as simple as possible.


 sms voile d'ombrage