The rectangular shade sail offers a large protective surface. It is an ideal garden accessory to create an intimate and cozy space on a terrace or a corner of lawn. Our rectangle-shaped shading sails of the Australe 340 range withstand wind speeds of up to 80 km/h. On the Acryl 300 range, they are also waterproof and water-repellent thanks to the use of technologies derived from sailboat design. Finally, the shades filter the rays of the sun while letting the light through, to relax by reading a captivating novel or sipping an aperitif with friends. They are fixed using four feet or front of house with a solution of fixing mixing two masts and two tensioners to be installed on your wall.   


Our motorized rectangular shade sails


To easily roll up and unfold your shading sail in the shape of a rectangle, you can opt for a manual winder that you manage by hand. The advantage? Your protection against wind, sun or rain unfolds in the blink of an eye without tedious manipulations. To increase flexibility, choose an electric rectangular shade sail. Thanks to the motorized reel you control its deployment and refolding remotely. Another smart solution? The automated retractable shade sail that unfolds itself when the sun dips its rays and folds when the wind gets too strong.