Quality-guaranteed shade sails for your terrace 


Choose a shade sail for your terrace 

 Toiles d'ombrage triangulaires

Espace Ombrage put the emphasis on ensuring the aesthetic aspect of the shade sail in the environment where it will be installed (garden, terrace, swimming pool, ...), and its durability over time. 

This is why we pay attention to the fabric we choose and to the manufacturing processes used to create the shade sails and the fixing accessories. We also make 2D simulations to find the best setup possible.

Are you looking for a shade sail in order to shade your terrace ? the composition of our protection sails is your best option to ensure a efficient UV filtration, a high wind resistance and high robustness. It will also create a shelter against rain, moisture and dew. Your shade sail for semi-open spaces also features an anti-mould treatment and a high-strenght fabric manufacturing, used for the creation of boat sails and blinds. 





We offer :

Highly resistant materials 
High quality fabrics from Sauleda, leader in terms of design, quality and technology, whether for Australe 340 sails or Acryl 300 sails, and fabrics from Dickson for the Sunworker sails.                                                                      

A wide and cheerful range of colours (45 in total), along with multiples shapes (trapezes, triangles, squares and rectangles).


All the actions, manufacturing and councils are part of a long term vision of design, aesthetic and quality. 



Here are the caracteristics of our shade sails : 


 tendeur en inox pour voile d'ombrage

  • Sun protection with a UV filtration of 92% to 97%.
  • Rain protection for Acryl 300 ranges. 
  • High windresistance for our perforated shade sails voiles d'ombrage ajourées
  • High colour resistance to light thanks to mass dyeing (1 to 10-year guarantee according to the chosen range of products). 
  • Robustness thanks to the reinforcement strap and weaving threads. 
  • Anti-mold treatment 
  • Seams and straps guaranteed 2 years


Espace Ombrage manufactures and sells high density solar shade, or 100% acrylic, which ensure a sun protection from 92% to 97% UV filtration, and meet the same requirements used in the nautical indusrty and the blind conception.

Our shade sails are reinforced in their ligning by straps that resists to tractions of 1500kg. 











toile d'ombrage sunvision

Perforated shade sails ensure a resistance to strong winds (up to 80km/h), such as those present on seashores. 

Water reppelent shade sails will offer a protection against rain, dew and moisture, along with its sun protection. 


Poles are made of robust and resistant materials : aluminium poles are anodised and immutable. Fixing accessories are made of stainless steel, which enable them to resist over time without sign of aging.

We also manufacture standard shade sails or custom made, along with personnalized solutions for each demand, and our customers a fully satisfied with the result of their installation. 


Discover Espace Ombrage' sails below :

As you can oberve while looking at the video, Espace Ombrage has all the necessary expertise to create your project. So don't wait any longer ! Benefit from our passion for our job .