Simulation of your shade sails project

You have a project and difficulties to choose or imagine the rendering possible?

From photos and measurements that you entrust to us, we can perform a 3D simulation of your shade sail installation project 

3 steps for this:

shade sail installation project

 BEFORE : You send us photos of the space you want to develop, with the necessary measures to quantify the project and calculate the proportions. 

This step is very important since it serves as a basis for all the configuration of your future shade sail. Do not hesitate to be very precise and to make us visualize what you would like to prefer. 

You can already inform us of the sail that would interest you, its shape or its colors. 

Shade sail installation project simulation

Our specialists realize the 2D view as well as a 3D preview on our software after having defined with you the choice of the shade sail and the desired implantation. 

We do not move to our customers since everything is done online thanks to a personalized follow-up by phone. 

Once our work of study realized, we will send you an email to present you the customized project that we could realize at your place. You will find 2D plans and visuals, but also a 3D plan in which you can simulate the shadow space according to the seasons or the periods of the day. 

shade sail installed REALIZATION OF THE SAIL:   You confirm our proposal by placing an order, we deliver you the shade sail under 2 to 3 weeks.

All you have to do is pose and enjoy your shade sail !


Send us a REQUEST FOR QUOTE , our team will contact you as soon as possible and realize a 3D simulation of your project.