Poles for shade sails 


Cable-stayed pole



Mât haubané - poteau pour voile d'ombrage The cable-stayed pole is composed of a black tube (the picture show an old version), of 2,70m of height,  dismountable in 2 parts, and a shroud hung at the top of the pole that anchors in the floor 1 to 2m further from the  pole.


 The tube (2,70m) is equipped with all the accessories for a convenient and design installation:


  •  Non-slip soleplate, which gives it enough flexibility to "absorb" the tractions linked to the sail and the weather. The  soleplate sticks to all type of soils (grass, wooden terrace, sand, ...)


  •  Two stainless steel rings on masthead to permit the fixing of the sail one one side, and the fixinf of the pole on the  other side. 


  •  Pre-drilling in order to fix the sail, and the possibility to create other height of fixture. 


  •  Shroud "ratchet-strap", grey, which ensure ease to use and excellent resistance to tractions (up to 1000kg).







semelle antidérapente montée sur rotule


The soleplate has to variants :


  • For soft soils (ground, sand, ...), it will take the form of a foothold. The helix will allow you to shove it easily in the ground.


  • For solid soils (concrete, ...) it will take the form of a threaded rod of 90mm, with a stainless steel eye-bolt. 


The cable-stayed pole is, thus, adapted to all types of environments, and it will ensure an easy installation, without having to create a concrete pedestral. Once the pole is dismounted, the environment returns to its former state. This pole can be used for a permanent or ephemeral installation. It is also possible to fix a second sail on the same pole, and thus adding a second shroud.  



Adjustable pole 



poteau - mât pour voile d'ombrage The adjustable pole is entirely made by Espace Ombrage, in order to  reach an objective of  quality, aesthetic and easy to use on a daily basis.


 The adjustable pole is composed of :


  •  An anodised aluminium profile of 2,60m. The anodisation makes it rustproof, and thus adapted to a permanent installation on seashores. The finish of the profile is lovely with its aluminium render and its design, modern and refined lines. 


  •  A slide that enable you to set the hight and incline of your shade sail. This slide is inserted in  the rail of the pole, and can be set everywhere along the 2,60m of the pole. Very easy to use  thanks to the unique system Espace Ombrage : You only have to lift the grip to put the slide  at the desired height. This slide adds a real versatility to your installation, by allowing you to  change the position of the sail all day long, so you can have shade where you want, and  always be protected.


  •  A tension system connected to the sail, directly inspired from the the nautical field, with a grey rotproof rope 8mm, simple or double pulleys in stainless steel which ensure tensions easily made and excellent resistance, pulls a stainless steel snap hook which allows your to to unhook easily and quickly your shade sail.


  • 3 base types, each adapted to configuration :


- To be sealed : It is composed of a 50cm sheath, which will have to be sealed in the ground, un a concrete pedestral (40cm section / 60cm depth) + a galvanised steel tube of 1,20m (or 2,60m) which will come over the sheath. The profile will then come over and slide on the tube. The whole remains removable, only the 4cm opening of the sheath stay visible. Thanks to the sheath's top, you can fill it. 


- To be screwed : It is composed of a round plate of 22cm, with 4 holes. You will have to screw it on a hard soil, such as concrete or wood. On this plate is welded a galvanised steel tube with a 90° incline to support the profile of the pole.


- Wall baseplates : To fix the pole on a wall. This version is composed of 3 stainless steel U-shaped plates, which allow you to set different heights on the wall to maintain the pole. 

The adjustable pole is manufactured in France.  drapeau France

You can discover in the video below the importance of the pole in the shhde sails' set up :