Pole/Post for shade sail

The adjustable mast

The adjustable pole was entirely designed by Espace Ombrage in order to be robust, aesthetic and easy to use.

Voile d'ombrage pour terrasse fixée sur mat à sceller

What is the adjustable pole made of? 

  • A 2.60m long anodized aluminum profile.

The anodization makes it insensitive to rust and therefore suitable for permanent installation by the sea. The finish of the profile is beautiful with its matte aluminum finish or powder coated anthracite or even brown and its design, modern, and pure lines.

  • A slider that allows you to adjust the height and inclination of your shade sail.

This slide - inserted in the rail of the mast - is adjustable over the entire 2.60m of the mast. Very easy to use thanks to a unique Espace Ombrage system: just lift the handle to put the slide to the desired height. This slider brings a real modularity to your installation, allowing you to change the position of the sail throughout the day to always have shade where you want it and be protected.

  • A tensioning system connected to the shade sail

Directly inspired by the nautical world with a black rot-proof rope of 8mm wide, the system contains simple or double pulleys in marine stainless steel which ensure a very great facility of tension and an excellent resistance. It is also delivered with a stainless steel snap hook which allows an easy and fast unhooking of the shading sail.

Which base will fit my deck?

 There are 4 versions of masts available for stretched sails:

  • The base to be sealed, Espace-Ombrage's best-seller. The adjustable mast to be sealed in the ground is a robust and practical product, completely removable in winter. It is designed to set masts up on soft ground. It provides additional rigidity to your shade sail installation. It is delivered in three parts which are the profile of the mast, the steel tube and the sheath to be embedded in the concrete. It is available in a 90° vertical or 82° inclined version. It is up to you to choose the best version for your garden or terrace. For the installation, it is necessary to dig a hole of 40 cm of section and 60 to 80 cm of depth. Its sheath creates a hole in the concrete block. A steel tube of 1m slides inside then the aluminum profile of the mast is threaded around the tube and in the sheath.
  • The screw-on base is used for hard floor decks (such as wood, tile or concrete floors). It is also available in a vertical or inclined version. Ideal for screwing onto an existing deck. Easy to install, you just have to drill four holes per plate, make a chemical seal and insert 4 threaded rods. This plate exists in two versions, straight at 90° or inclined at 82° and the adjustable mast is available in 260 or 300cm high version. As for the version to be sealed, this mast is removable in winter, it will only remain a base on your terrace. 

  • It is impossible to drill into the ground? Here is a solution to work around this constraint, the adjustable mast with wall plates. Two plates with rings are fixed on a minimum 70cm-high wall. The adjustable pole is inserted directly between the wall plates. This mast is totally suitable for elevated terraces or rooftops. Indeed, it allows not to screw anything to the ground and avoids breaking the waterproofing of a building. Combined with a roll-up sail, you will obtain a configuration adequate to resist to windy environments.
  • The latest addition to our adjustable masts: The ballast support will allow you to install a mast without making any drilling, whether for terraces, rooftops or even public spaces. An easy to install and removable version. 16 to 20 concrete slabs of 50 × 50cm (not included) are enough for an optimal resistance to the tension forces of the sail. This galvanized steel ballast support is compatible with a straight or inclined screw-in mast.

How to reinforce the mast when the sail is very big or several sails are hanged on it?

The shroud:

  • The installation of several shade sails on the same adjustable mast is possible. It is then advisable to reinforce the mast in order to "relieve" it of all these tensions.The role of the shroud is to create an opposite tension in order to balance the configuration.

  • The shroud is also necessary for a large sail or a roller version of more than 20 sq m.

Two versions available:

  • Hard floor: Concrete, stone, cement...
  • Soft soil: land, sandy soil, etc.

hauban cable inox pour mat


You can see in the video how important the masts are in the installation of the shade sail.

Installation guide: This video is subbed in English.