4 adjustable poles

Poles and fixtures 

Create and install your shaded space wherever you want with this 4-pole-kit! It is adapted to quadrilateral shade sails. Ropes, pulleys and slides are included.With this 4 poles you can install a shade sail wherever you want. This pack is made for a shade sail made with 4 angles.

4 Adjustable poles

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Pole color
  • Aluminium
  • Anthracite Powder Coated RAL 7016
  • Brown Powder Coated RAL 7006
Tension system of the mast
Base type

Shipment time : 72h
Estimate 07/12/2022
4 Adjustable poles

This 4 adjustable poles kit guarantees a resistant and design installation.

With this 4 poles you can install a shade sail wherever you want. On the practical side, it is removable : remove it easily in winter and slip it into its base in the spring 

The tension system with ropes + pulleys is included

Technical characteristics :

Height : 2,60 m
Pole material : 3mm thick anodic oxidation treated 25 microns aluminum (resists to saline environments).

Diameter : 110 x 80mm (oval) 
Weight : 14 to 20 kg depending on the base.
Guarantee : 2 years

Made in France Fabriqué en France

Tension system : The “reinforced” tension system (for Australe 340 and Acryl 300) contains 2 double pulleys versus 2 simple pulleys for the “standard” version. The double pulleys can host an additional rope loop between the sail and pole: this facilitates the tension of the sail and renders the installation more resistant.

Bases :

embase à visser   Tube à sceller   platine murale

To be screwed

for hard surfaces such as concrete slabs or wooden patios

2 versions: vertical or inclined (82°).

(Length of the tube: 50 cm)

Material: aluminium


To be sealed (sheath + tube)

 The tube is 1m long and the pole is 3m long.

it brings more solidity to the structure.

Matter: Galvanized steel


Mural baseplates

 To support a pole against a wall (2 baseplates per pole).

Matter: Stainless steel

Included accessories :


  • 4 Adjustable poles
  • 4 Slides
  • 4 Tension systems
  • 4 sheaths + 4 tubes or 4 galvanized steel round bases or 12 mural baseplates

More information here.

For the “sealed sheath” version :

Create a 60 to 80 cm deep and 40cm wide concrete slab into which the sheath will be sealed. The bigger the slab, the mire stable the pole; 

Insert the pole (including the steel tube of 1m). 

mat-reglable Then, insert the mast (containing its 100cm aluminium reinforcement) into the sheath.

 : opt for fast drying concrete for an easier installation. 


For the screwed version :

platine sol mat voile ombrage

Plan 4 bolts and 4 shredded shanks of 12 mm diameter and 200 mm length in order to fix the base. Drill with a concrete drill bit to 14 and a chemical selling. 

mat visser toile ombrage Slide the pole on the tube.


For the wall baseplates version :

  • Plan 4 bolts and 4 shredded shanks of 8 to 10 mm diameter and 100mm length in order to secure the 2 baseplates (2 anchor points per baseplate).
  • Ensure a minimum space of 70cm between the 2 baseplates.
  • Make a chemical seal


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Les mâts semblent de qualité et solides. A voir à l'usage! Installation relativement facile grâce aux vidéos.