Ballast Support

Poles and fixtures 

You can use this ballast support with a to be screwed adjustable pole. Thanks to this support, you do not have to screw or to dig on your ground.

Ballast support in galvanized steel

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This ballast support allows you to fix your shade sail without having to screw or dig into the ground. Product with galvanized steel and stainless steel nut and bolt.

It is perfect to use in a public area such as pavements or in a square or when you can not fix on your patio floor because of watertightness reasons. This is an alternative to the mural baseplates. You have to put 16 to 20 concrete slabs 50 x 50 cm size. These slabs aren't included. Assembly time: 15 minutes - 1 person.

To use this support, you have to scew an adjustable pole. It is adapted with our adjutsbale poles to be screwed 90° or 82°: adjustable pole to be screwed

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't want to drill your walls, you can position poles. The poles can be screwed to the ground, embedded in the ground, fixed to the wall or screwed to the ballast support so as not to pierce a waterproof covering or a public place.

You can attach to walls (wall mounting, adjustable mast with wall plates). You can also choose a ballast support so as not to affect the waterproofing of the terrace.