Tricolor Acryl 300 waterproof sail

The Acryl 300 shade sail conception is inspired by naval construction techniques, which provides it with excellent sun and rain resistance. Its 100% acrylic fabric renders it perfectly waterproof. It is also simple to maintain with its anti-stain treatment and its capacity to dry quickly.

Acryl 300 Tricolor

  • Waterproof
  • Weight
  • Warranty
€314.40 Tax included
262,00 € tax excl.
  • Bordeaux Acryl
  • Ocean

Shipment time : 2 Weeks
Estimate 16/12/2022

The Acryl 300 shade sail offers a double protection:

Solar av with 97% UV filtration

Against rain with its water repellant fabric, guaranteed 5 years.

It has the features of a canvas while keeping the aspect of a natural 100% acrylic fabric.

Enjoy a shade sail without compromise!

A high quality fabrication for your shade sails :

  • Finishing details include hem folded 3 times and reinforced threads for this Acryl 300 shade sail ACRYL 300.
  • Conceived without eyelets to avoid tear
  • Reinforcement strap inserted in the lining of the shade sail forming a hanging strap in the corners with stainless steel hoops: the tractions are distributed in the entire surface and the shade sails benefits from a better resistance.
  • Technology from the making of boat sails.
  • Zig zag seams for better stability.
  • Double thickness reinforcement at each angle to avoid cracks and bring additional resistance.
  • Seams and straps guaranteed 2 years
  • Delivered with a snap hook at each angle.

Material guaranteed 2 years :

The ACRYL 300 shade sail fabric is made of 100% acrylic threads. Guaranteed 5 years,

    • 97% of UV filtration
    • 300g/m² fabric weight
    • A high light resistance of colors with mass dye
    • A very good traction resistance

An efficient rain protection (seams none waterproof)

A fabrication guaranteed free of toxic substances presenting no health, skin, or environmental risks.


Quality, comfort, and design :

  • It is delivered with 1 stainless steel snap hook for a fast installation and disassembly.
  • It filters sunrays while letting light pass. By suppressing a blinding sensation, it guarantees optimal comfort.
  • The Acryl 300 shade sail stops direct sunlight on walls and glass surfaces and avoids overheating. It acts as a natural conditioner.