Waterproof shade sail

Waterproof shade sail

Water repellent shade sails proposed by Espace Ombrage will give you an excellent protection against both sun and rain. With a waterproof shade sail, you can enjoy your patio even on a rainy day.

Waterproof shade sails

The water-repellent shade sails protect you from the sun and rain thanks to their special manufacturing process inspired by the technologies used in the manufacture of sailboats. Drops of water do not penetrate the fabric and do not damage it.

Discover our 2 ranges of water-repellent shade sails :

Acryl 300 finish 

Effectively protecting the sun with 97% UV filtration, the Acryl 300 shade sail has the particularity to also protect from rain thanks to an acrylic fabric, nevertheless keep a look of fabric.

Finish Acryl 300 Old Rigging

Having the same technical characteristics, the difference with the Acryl 300 finish is uniquely aesthetic. Inspired by the nautical world, this premium finish is the best compromise if you are looking for an original shade sail. 

The shade sail is an aesthetic and personalized solution, our range of waterproof shade sails is available in many colors depending on the finish. These finishes are also available to measure and with reel, the latter facilitating winding and unwinding of the sail.

Waterproof shade sails


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