Standard tensionning system
Reinforced tensionning system
Standard tensionning system
Reinforced tensionning system

Tension system

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  • Multiplies the force
  • Inox 316
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Caractéristique fixations
Multiplies the force
Matières mats et fixations
Inox 316
Matière système de tension

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Tension system

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Tensioning system for shading sails that multiplies the force

Depending on the configuration of your space, you may want to use a pole to secure your shade sail. An adjustable pole is very strong and can support several sails, provided you have a tensioning system such as the one offered in our shop. This system consists of a rot-proof nautical rope, a pulley and a carabiner, based on the principle of the hooks used in the navy. It will only take you a few minutes to install!

Système de tension pour voile d'ombrage

This tensioning system allows an additional shade sail to be hung on an adjustable V2 pole or on an existing wall bracket.

It leaves a gap between the fixing point and the sail of 30cm to 2m50.

Combined with the slider, it will allow you to independently adjust your 2 sails on the same mast.

The nautical rope and the stainless steel pulleys ensure excellent resistance to traction and climatic hazards. The cleat on the pulleys locks the rope tension and prevents it from slackening.

Use: Useful for hanging a shade sail on an adjustable V2 mast or any other existing fixing point.

Range: 30 to 250cm

Weight: 500g

Material: 6mm rot-proof nautical rope and 316 stainless steel pulleys

Warranty: 2 years

Contents of the shade sail fastener

The reinforced version is imperative for the Acryl 300 and Australe 340 shade cloths, which have "heavier" fabrics.
They contain double pulleys which facilitate the tensioning of the sail and make the installation more resistant.
The tensioning systems provide an even more aesthetic and discreet finish to the installation.

- 5 metres of black rot-proof rope

- 1 set of single pulleys with cleat

- 1 shackle

Not compatible with Australe 340 and Acryl 300

- 10 metres of black rot-proof rope

- 1 set of double pulleys with cleat

- 1 shackle

Operation of a tensioning system with its adjustable mast

Depending on your installation choices, you will also need additional products.

Installation of a system to tension your shade sail

Schema des axes de tensions des voiles d'ombrage

The fixings should always be in line with the diagonals or medians of the shade sail

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