Adjustable pole XL with shroud

€379.00 Tax included
315,83 € tax excl.
Pole color
  • Aluminium
  • Anthracite Powder Coated RAL 7016
  • Brown Powder Coated RAL 7006
Tension system
Base type

Expedition under 2 weeks
Estimate 04/05/2021

This anodised aluminium pole guarantees a resistant and design installation. Its bigger size compared with the standard pole (heigh of 300cm) requires an inox shroud. This shroud is furnished with the pole. 

Its slide allows you to set the incline of your sail according to the course of the sun, to create shade all day long.

On the practical side, it is removable : remove it easily in winter and slip it into its base in the spring. 

The tension system with ropes + pulleys is included. 

Technical characteristics :

  • Height : 300 cm
  • Pole material : Aluminium
  • Base material : To be screwed base: Galvanized steel core
  • Wall baseplates : Stainless steel (2 baseplates / poles)
  • Diameter : 110 x 80 mm  
  • Weight : 12 to 20 kg depending on the base.
  • Guarantee : 2 years
  • Made in France Fabriqué en France 

Tension system : The “reinforced” tension system (for Australe 340 and Acryl 300) contains 2 double pulleys versus 2 simple pulleys for the “standard” version. The double pulleys can host an additional rope loop between the sail and pole: this facilitates the tension of the sail and makes the installation more resistant.

Bases :


300 cm - To be screwed

for hard surfaces such as concrete slabs or wooden patios

2 versions: vertical (90°) or inclined (82°).

(Length of the tube: 50 cm)



300 cm - Mural baseplates


To support a pole against a wall (2 baseplates per pole).

Accessoiries : 

The slide :

To adjust the height of the attachment point of your shade sail in a few seconds.

The cleat :

allows a neat arrangement of the express rope. 

Inox Shroud : 

The stainless steel shroud reinforces a pole supporting several shade sails of large area.

Fixture type : for pole
Weight : 1 kg

Guarantee: 2 years