1 adjustable pole + 2 wall fixtures
Colors of the mast
Tensionning system
Reinforced Tensionning system
1 adjustable pole + 2 wall fixtures
Colors of the mast
Tensionning system
Reinforced Tensionning system

1 adjustable pole + 2 wall fixtures

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  • Reinforces the mast
  • 3 colours
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Shipping time within 48h
Caractéristique mâts
Reinforces the mast
Coloris mâts
3 colours
Embases mâts
3 bases

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3 available colors
1 adjustable pole + 2 wall fixtures

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Kit 1 adjustable pole and 2 wall fixings for shade sails

Espace Ombrage has thought of all those who wish to install a triangular shade sail on their terrace but who only have one wall to do so. We offer a ready-to-use kit consisting of 2 wall fixings and an adjustable pole via which you can adjust the height of your sail to adapt to the changing position of the sun.

Wall kit with one mast and two wall mountings for shade sails

This fixing kit contains everything you need to hang your triangular shade sail between a wall and a mast in a quick, easy and secure way.

Contains 2 wall fixings (short or long) and 1 adjustable pole.

Pole material: Durable (recycled) aluminium, robust and weatherproof.

Height: 260 cm

Diameter: ovoid (110 x 80 mm)

Weight: 12 to 20 kg depending on the base

Warranty: 2 years

Made in Europe

Type of mounting: Wall mounted

Amplitude: from 45 to 250cm for the long version / 25 to 35cm for the short version

Weight: 500g for the long version and 200g for the short version

Material: 316 stainless steel and rot-proof nautical rope

Warranty: 2 years

Elements included with the adjustable mast and shade sail fasteners

Types d'accroches murales pour nos fixations

Wall fixtures

Depending on your choice, you will receive a wooden wall mount or a concrete, stone, brick or breeze block wall mount.

système de tension

Tension system

To tension the sail correctly. Single pulleys for the standard version, double pulleys for the reinforced version or a tensioner for the short version.

Coulisse pour mât réglable

The slide

To adjust the height of the fixing point of your shade sail in a few seconds along the entire length of the mast.

Taquet pour mat réglable

The cleat

For winding the rope onto the mast and getting a clean and tidy installation at all times.

The "reinforced" tensioning system contains 2 double pulleys (2 single pulleys for the "standard" version and a tensioner for the short version). The double pulleys reduce the tensile force by 4 times to make the tensioning of the sail easier and the installation more resistant. Only the "reinforced" tensioning systems are suitable for the Australe 340 and Acryl 300 sails.

Choosing the right shade sail fastening

Embase à sceller

Base to be sealed

In the version to be embedded, the ovoid sleeve to be embedded in concrete is 40cm high. The ovoid pole fits entirely into the sleeve, so to have a 260cm high pole, we deliver a 300cm profile + a 100cm reinforcement which ensures the solidity of the pole.

Material: recycled aluminium. You can increase the strength of your mast by positioning it at an angle.

Embase à visser

Base to be screwed

For hard floors such as concrete slabs or terraces with wooden joists. 2 versions: vertical or inclined. The tube measures 50cm.

Material: Galvanised steel. You can complete your installation with a base cover which will cover the screw-on plate, its threaded rods and bolts. This product is optional and will finish your installation on your terrace. The screw-on base can be fixed on a ballast support to avoid any drilling.

Platines murales

Adjustable wall plates

For leaning the pole against a wall, when it is not possible to fix to the ground. You will receive a set of bolts and nuts as well as two wall plates with rings in which the pole will be inserted. The plates are adjustable to fit the tensioning axes of the sail(s).

Material: 316 stainless steel. M10 threaded rods and a chemical sealant are required to ensure the robustness of the installation.

Depending on your installation choices, you will also need additional products.

Installation for your shade sails

Wall fixtures

For short wall fixings: allow a tension margin of 25-35 cm in the extension of the diagonals of the shade cloth.

For long wall fixings: allow a minimum margin of 45 cm (and up to a maximum of 2.50 m).

The hole diameter for a concrete wall should be 14 mm and the depth 80 mm.

The adjustable pole

Step 1: Create a concrete mass 60 to 80 cm deep and about 40 cm in cross-section in which the ovoid sleeve will be embedded. The larger the foundation, the greater the stability of the mast.

Step 2: Then insert the 100 cm galvanised steel reinforcement into the sleeve and the profile.

Here is a video explaining the assembly of the mast to be sealed:

Then insert the 100 cm galvanised steel reinforcement into the sleeve and the profile.

Step 1: Provide 4 bolts and 4 threaded rods of 12 mm diameter and 150 to 200 mm length to fix the base. Drill with a 14 mm concrete drill bit and make a chemical seal.

Step 2: Simply slide the pole onto the base. Add a plate cover (available as an accessory) to get a neat look.

Here is a video explaining how to assemble the screw-in mast:

Step 1: Provide 4 nuts and 4 threaded rods with a diameter of 8 to 10 mm and a length of 100 mm to fix the 2 plates (2 anchoring points per wall plate).

Step 2: Ensure a minimum distance of 70 cm between the 2 plates. Make a chemical seal. Simply insert the mast into the two plates.

Here is a video explaining the assembly of the mast with wall plates:

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