How to make a plan ?

Below you will find several examples of plans adapted to the main existing terrace shapes. However, here are a few tips that apply to all of them:

- It is not necessary to provide a scale drawing. The important thing is that the dimensions are correct, and we will then reproduce the plan in our software.

- Please feel free to include any dimensions that you think are useful. It is better to have too much data than not enough.

- Chop up the area to be shaded if you do not want to cover the whole terrace.

1 - Rectangular terrace with L-shaped house

Good to know: This type of terrace is very easy to design. As you can see from the plan, only two measurements are required. In addition, the "L" shape of the house often makes it possible to use the wall return as an attachment point.

Special case:

It is not uncommon for the walls of the house that border the terrace to be of different dimensions. In this case, all these distances must be indicated on the plan so that we can study all the fixing possibilities.

L-shaped house plan

2 - Simple rectangular terrace

Good to know: The "classic" rectangular terrace is also extremely easy to design. However, do not forget to indicate the available wall distances on both sides of the terrace. This will be very useful for optimising the position of the fixings.

rectangle terrace diagram

3 - Terrace forming a quadrilateral

Please note: If you have a terrace with one or more particular angles (which do not form a right angle), don't worry, it will not be necessary to measure them. Simply indicate at least one diagonal of the quadrilateral, and we will be able to faithfully reproduce your terrace.

Any terrace

4 - 5-sided terrace

Please note: As in the example above, if your deck has several particular angles, simply "divide" the deck into triangles starting from the same vertex. In this example, for the sake of clarity, we have chosen the top left corner as the starting point.

5-sided terrace

5 - L-shaped terrace

Please note: L-shaped terraces generally have only right angles. In this case, it is sufficient to provide the dimensions of each side of the terrace. Don't forget to indicate the length of the available wall if it protrudes from the terrace (100 cm dimension on the plan above).

L-shaped terrace

6 - Rounded terrace

Good to know: Rounded terraces often have a regular arc. In this case, it is sufficient to measure all the linear sides and the maximum length between the wall and the end of the terrace. Please note that, if you wish, we can provide you with a plan showing the distances between fixing points (to check the future location of the mast, for example).

Rounded terrace

7 - Special terrace

Please note: For the most complex terraces, it is preferable to provide us with all the dimensions. In the case of right angles, you simply need to note the distances between your terrace. If not, it will be necessary to add some diagonals.

Whatever the shape, when making the plan, keep in mind that thanks to the plan we should be able to reproduce the terrace identically. This will allow us to offer you a solution that is perfectly adapted to your environment and your needs. The more complete the plan, the more efficiently we will be able to process your request.

Do not hesitate to show the location of windows and bay windows for an even more realistic 3D view.

Special terrace

What if my plan is incomplete?

No problem! We will send you an intermediate plan highlighting the missing measure(s).

Now you're ready!

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