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 toile d'ombrage ajourée

The shade sails of Espace-ombrage possess multiple advantages regarding traditionnal shade solutions : They adapt to almost every project thanks to the wide possibilities of sizes, implantations and fabric they offer. 

  • The custom made shade sails are easily adaptable and enable a precise adjustment of the dimensions to the area that needs shading. Every shape is an option, although the most frequent remain the triangle, square and rectangle.


  • Wether you wish to create shade on your terrace, or create it on a precise area in your garden, the shade sails will allow you to do it. The poles create, indeed, additionnal fixing points which can be implanted on soft or hard soils.

Furthermore, the shade sails and fixtures of Espace Ombrage are very easy to set up. You won't need help from a professionnal to install your shade sail.



A complete range of shade sails and accessories that will adapt to all projects

    Water repellent shade sails which offer protection against the rain and the dew ... or  Perforated shade sails which provide resistance to strong winds.

   Numerous trendy colours, a wide choice of shapes and dimensions, with the possibility to create a custom made shade sails, in Acryl 300  and  Australe 340.

    Shades sails for all budgets: Our shade sails range from 40€ to 1990€.


Studied accessories 

 We also offer astute fixing systems, in kits, in order to make the installation easier.   Nous vous proposons également des systèmes de fixations astucieux par kit  pour une installation facile.

  • Nautical fixtures, which create a "sailing" aspect to the shade sails, for viewing pleasure and comfort in assembling the installation.


  • Aluminium poles, removable for a smart storage, and adjustable in height in order to incline the shade sail according to the sun's position. 


  • Thermo-lacquered steel poles to be sealed, which provide resistance to weather variations, and design.  





Enhanced service

simulation 2D projet voiles d'ombrage

Because the shade sails' market opened to a large public, with low-cost shade sails, but also because a growing demand for multi sails installations exists. 


  • We offer 2D simulations for your project according to pictures and plans. 


coloris voiles Premium

  • Delivery of all our products in France or abroad thanks to DHL.  


  • Espace Ombrage also develop a network of partnerships with fitters in France


Specialists to guide you 

    Espace Ombrage is specialised in designing, manufacturing and selling of shade sails in France. 

As a result : You can enjoy qualitative products, easy to set up and adaptable to you project...

Environmentally friendly shade sails

voile d'ombrage sans substance nocive pour la peau ou l'environnement


 Concerned about the planet, we made the choice of selecting precisely every supplier regarding their eco-responsability. They minimize their use of chemical susbatnces when manufacturing the materials in order to have the most natural products possible. 


Qualitative fabrics for our shade sails


voile d'ombrage imperméable The fabrics of our shade sails, besides their high quality, are anti-stain, tear resistant, and  ensure a dimensional stability.

 The Australe 340 is manufactured with polyethylene threads, fabric used for several decades to manufacture sails, blinds, ... . It is guaranteed 5 years.



 Our shade sails' fabrics are subject to constant evaluations regarding their resistance, their aesthetic quality, and the environmental impact of their creation.





Discover in the video below the presentation of our products :