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Waterproofing spray for shade sails

Your solar sail is designed for outdoor use. Although it is by nature very resistant, its fabric may eventually deteriorate due to the harmful effects of the sun and rain, which may reduce its protective performance. With this in mind, Espace Ombrage offers you a waterproofing agent specially developed for its maintenance. Easy to apply, it will protect your equipment against water and grease and thus prolong its life.

Protects fabrics from stains and dirt.

This product is ideal for our Acryl 300 shade sails and Acryl 300 roller sails.

It prevents water and grease from penetrating. Its colourless water-repellent effect makes your sail shine again!

A 1L bottle treats a surface of 15m2.

Why waterproofing your sail?

Outdoor fabrics are made waterproof during their manufacture by means of a chemical treatment.

This makes them more resistant to water and various types of dirt (dust, plant particles, tree sap, insects, light oil deposits, etc.) and prevents the appearance of mould on your shade sail.

 Over time, the original treatment can lose its effectiveness. 

This is why outdoor fabrics should be cleaned and treated regularly. 

This maintenance will keep your shade cloth in excellent condition and significantly extend its life!

TEX AKTIV is easy to apply thanks to its sprayer.

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