Solar 200 waterproof shade sail

The SOLAR 200 waterproof shade sail offers optimal sun protection. This waterproof fabric made of coated polyester also protects against rain. The Solar 200 is ideal for terraces to be shaded. Triangular or rectangular, these sails can be installed on all types of terraces.

Waterproof shade sail Solar 200

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Estimate 07/12/2022


NEW IN 2022: Thanks to its coated polyester fabric, the Solar 200 shade sail is waterproof.

It resists winds of 40km/h while filtering more than 95% of UV rays (UPF higher than 30). Its seams are waterproof, a technology borrowed from the manufacture of high-quality clothing. Its coating resists the pressure of a 1062 mm water column, 20 times more than most sails on the market. The sail must be installed with the seams facing the ground. 

ATTENTION, the sail must not poach, it must be well stretched, and it is necessary to create a slope of 25% for the rainwater to drain. This shade sail is easy to use thanks to its stainless-steel snap hooks at each corner which allow a quick assembly and disassembly of your shade sail. To ensure a good tension of your sail, we recommend you use standard long tensioning systems at each corner of the sail.

The SOLAR 200 shade is available in 12 sizes, 6 triangles and 6 rectangles, including 3 rectangular triangles to easily fit most angled buildings.
Delivery in 24h/48h in relay point for any order placed before 11:00am from Monday to Friday.
The sails must be installed with the seams facing the ground (the fabric of the SOLAR 200 sails is coated and is not reversible).

A high quality fabrication for our shade sails:

Reinforced thread finish for this SOLAR 200 waterproof sail.
No eyelet to prevent tearing.
Reinforced webbing inserted in a hem around the perimeter of the shade sail and forming a hooking loop at the corners: the pulls are thus distributed over the entire surface and the shade sail benefits from a better resistance.
Polyester fabric with polyurethane coating. Sealed seams and strap guaranteed for 2 years - Installation of the sail seams facing the ground.
Fabric guaranteed 2 years:

The fabric of the SOLAR 200 waterproof solar cover is made of polyester thread. Guaranteed 2 years, it provides:
More than 95% UV filtration, UPF greater than 30.
200g/m2 polyurethane coated fabric.
A good resistance to traction.
A waterproof fabric, remember to put the sail under tension so it won’t create a pocket. Create a slope of 25% for the water flow.
The manufacture is guaranteed without any toxic substance and does not represent any risk for health, for the skin nor the environment.

Ease of use:

The SOLAR 200 waterproof shade sail comes with a marine stainless-steel carabiner at each corner for quick assembly and disassembly. The 316 marine stainless steel is unalterable and develops an excellent resistance to traction.
It filters solar radiation. By eliminating glare, it guarantees optimal visual comfort in addition to effective sun protection.
Shade sails stop direct sunlight on facades and glass surfaces and prevent overheating of exposed rooms. The sail thus acts as a natural air conditioner.
The SOLAR 200 shade sail can be installed permanently during the summer, as well as in mid-season if the weather is suitable. The cover must be removed in winter, in case of winds higher than 40km/h, heavy showers and snowfalls.
The hems must be positioned underneath (facing the ground).
The sail can be cleaned simply with soapy water (do not use aggressive detergents, do not machine wash).
*For a complete mounting kit with wall and/or pole attachments, click here.

In order to prepare the installation of your shade sail, always make the tensioning in the diagonals of the sail (or the medians for the triangles). This way, your waterproof sail will be flat. Allow 45 to 250cm of tensioning distance at each corner:- Allow a minimum of 45cm of tensioning distance between each sail corner and the attachment point for SOLAR 200 sails. The larger the sail, the greater the distance of the tensioning system. Please note: - The sail is made of coated polyester. It must be installed with the seam facing down. The sail is not reversible. - Our tensioning systems (standard or reinforced) are adjustable from 35 to 250cm.