When you make a purchase on the Website, there are different stages that will take place until you are delivered. 

For your order to go into production, it must be complete: this means that it should include all dimensions, color, and mast and fixtures if you have selected some. Once we received all these elements necessary, the order will go in the production department. 

In the case that products are already in stocks, the order will go directly into preparation for delivery to the carrier. 

We distinguish the following stages: 

1. Payment accepted

This means that your order is accepted following a payment by credit card, a wire transfer. Once the payment is received, the order will be launched in manufacturing. 

2. In-process order

At this stage, all the technical elements concerning the products of your order will not be able to be modify anymore. All delivery information cannot be changed either. Once all products are available in the warehouse, the order will change of status and it will go "in preparation" to be shipped. 

3. In preparation

This means that all products in your order are available in stock. The preparer will then collect all the components of your order and then package and label the cartons. 

All order will be stored in the shipping area waiting for removal by the carrier during his next pass. After the carrier has removed the order the status will change by shipped. 

4. Shipped

The goods have been handed over to the carrier, you will received an email at the end of the day from us with all the information relating to the delivery. From the moment the marchandise is in the hands of the carrier, it will notify you by SMS or phone with a tracking link. In the case of making an appointment, he will give you the procedure to follow when he comes into contact with you.