At Espace Ombrage, we offer a wide range of shade sails. To help you in your choices, here is a small comparison of our different ranges.

Australe 220

Considered as the entry-level model, the Australe 220 sail provides effective protection against the sun by removing 90% of UV rays while having an optimal resistance against the wind. Its triangular or multi-sided shapes allow it an aesthetic and discreet integration.

Australe 340

Even more resistant than the Australe 220, the Australe 340 is inspired by naval engineering, which gives this sail an exemplary quality and makes it the best solar protection on the market. Windproof and available to measure, it will integrate with all types of installations.

Acryl 300

The Acryl 300 protects as much from the sun as the Australe 340 and its acrylic fabric allows it an effective protection against the rain as well. Be careful, its tightness does not allow it the same wind resistance as for the Austral range. The Acryl 300 shade sail is also strong and durable, which makes it suitable for all shade installations thanks to a tailor-made solution.