Baseplate cover for screw-in mast
Baseplate cover
Baseplate cover for screw-in mast
Baseplate cover

Baseplate cover for screw-in mast

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  • 90° or 82° mast
  • Black colour
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Shipping time within 48h
Caractéristique mâts
90° or 82° mast
Coloris mâts
Black colour
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Baseplate cover for screw-in mast

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Accessory for shade sail pole

The cover plate covers your adjustable screw-in mast clamp for a perfect finish to your shade sail installation.

Base plate cover

A finishing detail to hide the base of the mast to be screwed on your terrace. This cover is useful when your mast is positioned on your terrace.

Only suitable for the screw-in pole. It is suitable for screw-in shade masts in aluminium, anthracite and brown.

This black cover is placed on top of your screw-in base for your pole installed on your terrace. It will cover the galvanised steel plate as well as the threaded rods and bolts that fix it to your terrace. It matches the mast accessories that are supplied with your purchase, namely the cleat, the plug on the top of the profile and the ropes in your tensioning system.

Moulded in black plastic, this cover is weather resistant. It is suitable for Espace Ombrage's screw-on bases and is designed to remain on your terrace.

Espace Ombrage pays attention to the finishing details so that your installation is well designed, resistant and stylish.

Installation on the height-adjustable mast

To be placed on the base plate and ensure that the aluminium profile fits into the cover.

Asymmetrical cover suitable for 90° straight and 82° inclined pole version

Depending on your installation choices, you will also need additional products.

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