The Espace Ombrage concept


Shade sail specialist since 2014, we put our knowledge to your profit in order to create the solution adapted to your needs.  

Here are a few elements that will allow you to better understand how shade sails function.

3 types of shade sails



Voile d'ombrage ajourée

The water repellent shade sail :

  • Optimal solar protection
  • Protection against water with its water repellant fabric

Voile d'ombrage ajourée

The perforated shade sail :


  • Optimal solar protection
  • Strong wind resistance with its micro-perforated fabric
These are the Australe 340 and Australe 220.

Voile d'ombrage à enrouleur

The roller shade sails :


  • Possibility to manually and simply roll the shade around itself.
  • The roller shade sail is available in Australe 340 and Acryl 300 fabric. 

3 types of possible installations



Use of poles and mural fixtures (main solution) :


   This solution is very often used to shade a patio in a backyard for example. The shade is put against the wall and tightened on the other side by poles.

Sole use of mural fixtures :


   Your shade sail will be tightened between 2, 3, or 4 walls. This solution is ideal to shade a courtyard for example. We lose the possibility to adjust the fixture point height once the sail is installed.

Sole use of poles :


   This solution allows a greater implementation freedom since you do not require a wall to tighten your shade sail and can create your fixture points where you desire. For example: create a re-laxing space in the middle of a backyard.