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Slide for adjustable pole

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  • Adding a sail
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Adding a sail
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Height adjustable
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Slide for adjustable pole

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Mast slider for fixing a shade sail

This slide for shade sail poles will help you to easily position your shade cloths independently from each other.

Mast slider for fixing a shade sail​

This slide rail is suitable for installations involving multiple sails hung on the same adjustable pole:

It allows the height of the individual sails to be adjusted independently to optimise shading throughout the day.

Please note! Choose the right version for your adjustable pole.

Type of mounting: For adjustable mast

Material: Stainless steel and PVC

Weight: 200 g

Scope of delivery: A slide for the adjustable mast

Warranty: 2 years

Important: Don't forget the "Tensioning System" which will allow you to connect your shade sail to the runner.

The V1 runner for masts sold since 2012 and until mid April 2020.

The V2 runner
for masts sold online since mid April 2020.

Depending on your choice of installation, you will also need products to fix your shade sails

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You can attach 2 shades sails on the same pole. You will need an additional slider and to position the pole in the intersection of the two tension axes.

When you buy an adjustable pole, it includes the tensioning system, the cleat and the slider. The slider allows you to attach the sail to the pole's front or back rail. This allows you to vary the height of your sail throughout the day.

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