a waterproof shade sail pack

The Acryl 300 shade sail packs

Bring a touch of design to your outdoors by installing a shade sail above your patio. Our Acryl 300 packs contain everything necessary to easily and rapidly install your shade sail.

Acryl 300 Packs

Discover our “all included” packs with the Acryl 300 shade sails + the poles and the wall fixtures. The certitude of obtaining a complete and design installation.

The main characteristic of the Acryl 300 shade sail is to provide effective protection against sunlight and also provide protection against rain thanks to its acrylic finish.Inspired by nautical engineering, the Acryl 300 finish is a perfect solution if you want a design installation. With its 25 colors, you will find something to make a harmonious multi-sail installation. In these Acryl 300 packs, you will also find combinations of fasteners (masts and wall mounts) that will allow you to install a sail on any configuration.

Acryl 300 Packs